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Kill Body Lice & Nits!
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Picture of Body Lice on Skin

Are you frustrated and unable to sleep at night because of intolerable body itching near your waist, groin or upper thighs? Have you developed embarrassing pimple-like rashes on your body? Are you too embarrassed to go to the store to find a solution? Or have you already tried over-the-counter alternatives that failed to solve the problem? If you answered yes to these questions, you've absolutely come to the right place. Having Body Lice does not mean you are a dirty person but it does signal a call for action. Left untreated, your scratching can lead to serious bacterial skin infection. This is further complicated by the presence of Lice excrement and risk of secondary infection. Body Lice can also spread life-threatening diseases, such as typhus, relapsing fever and trench fever.

"My family had to evacuate our home during Hurricane Katrina. We stayed in a shelter for about two weeks. All four of us ended up with lice....Even though they [our company] had hurricane damage they needed to take care of, they still took care of us. Their products were amazing and our lice were dead in no time."

- Name Withheld, Abbeville, Louisiana

Liceadex™ is the SOLUTION!

Now, thanks to the complete fast-acting effects of Liceadex™ Lice & Nit Removal Gel, Body Lice is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience and embarrassment rather a condition you feel you have to live with. Our powerful Liceadex™ treatment system for Body Lice is specially designed to provide the safest and quickest SOLUTION to kill lice on your body – GUARANTEED! We can help you to achieve the results that you desire. End your suffering NOW and stop the spread. No need to take our word for it, because you can try it NOW risk-free!

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No Nit Combs Needed!

No nit combs needed

The breakthrough Liceadex™ Body Lice Treatment System is impressive because it begins working INSTANTLY. It also eliminates the need for nit combs and the often lengthy, frustrating Lice removal processes. A step-by-step treatment regimen is included in to help you stop the spread and aid in preventing recontamination. The Liceadex™ system is non-toxic to you, but deadly to Body Lice and their eggs!

It's so Easy:
Simply Spray it On and They're Gone!

As you may already know, if you miss one single nit (i.e., egg) in the lice removal process, you’re back to square one! Our solution is superior to over-the-counter products because our AMAZING non-toxic formula TOTALLY kills Body Lice and nits ON CONTACT. You begin the complete regimen by applying Liceadex™ solution to the pimple-like rashes on your skin, eradicating any Body Lice and nits presently there. Next, you apply our non-toxic Healing & Protection Spray to affected areas on your body to relieve itching and effectively treat the rash caused by Body Lice.

Other essential skin care components of our Body Lice Treatment System include Medicated Body Wash and Medicated Sulfur & Shea Butter Soap. These products are formulated to effectively treat your skin and relieve itching, while cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

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Liceadex™ is hypoallergenic and pH balanced for fast relief with no chemical risk. Proven Safe and Effective!

Doctors and nurses all over the U.S. trust the Liceadex™ Lice Treatment System and recommend it to their patients and peers. Our customers repeatedly tell us how these safe and simple to use products have been a lifesaver. We are so certain the Liceadex™ system will work for you that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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The Proof!

Success Stories

"Their products were amazing and our lice were dead in no time."

"My family had to evacuate our home during Hurricane Katrina. We stayed in a shelter for about two weeks. All four of us ended up with lice. It was hard enough to be away from our home and deal with all of the hurricane damage; we did not need another problem on top of everything else. One of my friends told me about Liceadex™, a local company that had products to treat lice. We headed right over to their store. Even though they had hurricane damage they needed to take care of, they still took care of us. Their products were amazing and our lice were dead in no time. We even bought some of their disinfectant and mold treatment to disinfect our home. Thank God for companies like yours. We now send all our friends to them!! Thanks a million."

- Name Withheld, Abbeville, Louisiana

"After just one use of their products,
my lice were dead... I was thrilled."

"I am stationed overseas. When I stayed in a hotel on weekend leave, I ended up catching lice. The medic here on base kept giving me a pyrethrum shampoo to use, but it was not helping... red and irritated. I looked on line and found Liceadex. They shipped their product to me overseas. After just one use of their products, my lice were dead. I was thrilled and my doctor was amazed. Thanks for helping out one of the troops!"

- Name Withheld, Guam

"The bugs dropped dead. I am back to work and enjoying life."

"I went away for a business conference and ended up with lice. We stayed at a really nice hotel, so I never dreamed that I would catch something. I work around a lot of people so I needed to get rid of this quick. I found Liceadex™ on the web and ordered their products immediately. As soon as I started using their products the bugs dropped dead. I am back at work and enjoying life. Thanks Liceadex™!"

- Name Withheld, Green Bay, WI

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Our Promise To You

As our satisfied customers have experienced, we promise that our treatment:

  1. Stops the itching IMMEDIATELY
  2. Is guaranteed to work the first time
  3. Never requires the use of a Nit comb
  4. Can be shipped with "Emergency Expedited Shipping Options"
  5. Contains no harsh, toxic chemicals or side effects
  6. Is Simple, Safe and Painless
  7. Will end the embarrassment and stop the spread
  8. Will restore your comfort and confidence
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About Body Lice!

In the United States, the body louse is the least common of the three types of Lice (Head, Body, and Pubic), occurring populations living in communal conditions, such as nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and dormitories. Worldwide, Body Lice cases total hundreds of millions each year. They are transmitted through direct contact or by sharing infested bedding or clothes.

Body Lice are very small and are best identified by careful inspection, such as under a microscope. Body Lice are about the same size as Head Lice, but are more difficult to see. They spend the majority of their lives in the seams of your clothing (not in your hair) and bedding, moving to your skin only to feed on your blood.

Body Lice tend to feed while humans are asleep and that is why the itching is usually worse at night than any other time. This also leads many people to believe that they have Bed Bugs. If you think you may have Bed Bugs, please click here. Scabies are also similar to Body Lice but are caused by skin mites rather than the louse. For more information on Scabies, please click here.

Itching is the first symptom of Body Lice and this leads to scratching the affected area. This itching is specifically caused by a toxin (poison) secreted by the Lice through its saliva as it bites you. The bites of Body Lice will first appear as small red spots and, if left untreated, will progress into a rash similar in appearance to German measles, aka Rubella. Your skin will become inflamed as the biting continues and you may experience fever and/or headaches. Long-term infestations may result in thickening of or discoloration of your skin and you may even develop lesions from secondary infection due to continuous scratching.

Body Lice are extremely sensitive to change in their environmental temperature and humidity.  Normally they are also sensitive to light and seek shelter when disturbed. They are rarely seen on the outside surface of infested clothing. If Body Lice are visible, this is an indication of a severe infestation. However, in hot weather, Body Lice have been known to move to the outer layers of clothing, where the temperature is cooler.

The Life Cycle of Body Lice

There are three stages that complete the life cycle of Body Lice: nit, nymph, and adult.

Nit:  Nits are the eggs of the body louse and are usually found in the seams of clothing.  Particularly, these nits are usually located near the waistline of garments and seams of underwear. However, occasionally they may also be attached to your body hair. They are oval, approximately 1 millimeter in length and yellow to white in color. The hatching of the nit is sensitive and dependant upon temperature. If clothing is left on the body, hatching occurs within 5-10 days. If clothing is removed nightly, this time may increase up to 2 weeks. Nits can stay alive for up to 14 days once removed from its host.

Nymph:  Upon hatching, the baby louse is considered a nymph. The nymph looks similar to an adult body louse but smaller. Nymphs range from 1.5 millimeters to 2 millimeters in length and mature in about 7 days after hatching. In order to continue life, the nymph must feed on a blood meal from a human host.

Adult:  Adult Body Lice are approximately the size of a sesame seed, ranging from 2.3 millimeters to 3.6 millimeters in length. Adult Lice are dependant upon blood meals. If a louse is removed from its host, it can survive up to 48 hours. The adult body louse is tan to grayish-white in color. This louse is generally larger in size compared to the head louse with the female being larger than the male. A mature female can lay up to 200-300 nits within her life span, laying about 6-9 eggs a day for a total of approximately 30 days.

Diagram of the Life Cycle of a Body Louse

Lice Cycle of Body Lice

"In just one application, the creepy... lice were gone. I could literally watch them die."

"I was so upset… I got on my computer and found Liceadex™. After calling in and talking to one of their friendly customer service reps, I had their lice treatment overnighted to me. In just one application, the creepy little lice were gone. I could literally watch them die. Their Liceadex even dissolved the glue on the lice nits….Thanks!”

- Name Withheld, Tennessee

"I keep an extra bottle in my medicine cabinet, just in case."

"I work in a nursing home. We recently had an outbreak of lice and I ended up with it also. I tried another product with no success. I looked on the web and found Liceadex™ I had nothing to lose but the bugs, so I ordered some. I was stunned at how quickly their products worked. Now I am not afraid to take care of the residents at the nursing home. I keep an extra bottle of Liceadex in my medicine cabinet, just in case. Thanks."

- Name Withheld, Haynes, Kansas

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The All Stop Lice Treatment System is Effortless

Liceadex Lice & Nit Removal Gel

Liceadex Lice & Nit Removal Gel has a natural, non-toxic formula that is safe for all but deadly to Lice and Nits. The non-toxic Gel is free of permethrins and pyrethrins, and instead uses the naturally occurring mineral, Sodium Chloride (Natrum Muriaticum) as one of the active ingredient to kill Lice and Nits on contact.

The Liceadex Gel is easily applied to the skin and hair and makes application pleasant and comfortable for anyone. The formula is also safe for multiple applications because, unlike the drugstore brands, there is no harmful pesticide residue left on the hair, skin, or scalp.

While Body Lice prefer to live on a human host, feasting on their blood, they can survive off of their host without a blood meal for up to 48 hours. While Lice can live off the host for nearly 2 days, their eggs can take 7 to 10 days to hatch into more hungry, blood suckers.

Healing & Protection Spray deeply penetrates your skin with antimicrobial properties. This non-toxic formula made of benzalkonium chloride stops the itch and guards against infections due to open sores from constant scratching.

Medicated Body Wash works to stimulate recovery of the skin damaged by Body Lice due to scratching, inflammation and infection as well as get rid of any bacteria on top of the skin.

Medicated Sulfur & Shea Butter Soap provides itch relief and reduces inflammation to soothe skin affected by Body Lice irritation as it cleanses and moisturizes your skin.

Liceadex™ Products Will:


Know Why Before You Buy!

Many products claim to be the best but don't tell you why. Here at Liceadex™, we feel that an Informed Customer is the Best Kind of Customer. For that reason, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need before making your decision.

Some Lice Products Can Be Deadly

Pyrethrum and Lindane are used as the primary active ingredient in most Lice products. Both of these products are labeled with CAUTION, and Lindane has been banned in several states because of its high toxicity. Both of these products are responsible for death, neurological problems, asthmatic breathing, nasal stuffiness, headaches, nausea, loss of coordination, tremors, convulsions, facial flushing and swelling, burning and itching.

The most severe poisonings have been reported in infants and small children, who are not able to efficiently break down these pesticides. Doctors continue to prescribe these toxic treatments even though they are only about 30% effective due to the resistance that the Lice have built up against these pesticides over the last several decades.

Because your health and well-being are our primary concerns, Liceadex™ strictly prohibits the use of such harmful chemicals in our products. We don't believe that getting rid of Lice should endanger anyone's life.

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The Facts!

Clean vs. Dirty

Body Lice occur most frequently in those who do not bathe or wash their clothing regularly, but that does not mean that only those people will suffer from infestation. Because Body Lice are transmitted by person-to-person contact, shared clothing or bedding, even someone who considers themselves very clean can contract Body Lice through simple contact with an existing infestation.

Lice Prevention

Don’t be fooled by products that claim to prevent Lice because there is currently nothing on the market that can guarantee that 100%. Hospitals can improve their risk by checking homeless people, elderly patients who are unable to care for themselves, and other high-risk individuals before they are admitted, to prevent an outbreak of Lice among their population. The same can be said for dormitories, prisons and nursing homes. But the fact is Body Lice can infest even the cleanest of people, and Liceadex™ can provide you with the solution to eliminate your Body Lice problem, stop the spreading and prevent re-infestations.

Nit Combs

A nit comb is a comb with very fine, close teeth that is used to scrape nits (i.e., Lice eggs) off of the individual hair strands. This can be a very frustrating, painful and time-consuming task. Many websites claim that it is impossible to remove the nits from your body hair without this comb. But that just isn't true. Nits are attached to the hair strands by a special type of glue. Without this glue, the nits would just fall away from the hair. Liceadex™ Lice & Nit Removal Gel is specially designed to dissolve this glue on contact thereby eliminating the need for any nit combs!

Harmful Pesticides

Many Over-The-Counter and Prescription Lice products use strong pesticides like Lindane that can be dangerous, and even deadly, if not used properly. Liceadex™ products DO NOT contain harmful chemicals. Lindane may cause dizziness and seizures. For more information on harmful pesticides, such as Lindane and Pyrethrum, click here.

100% Money Back Guarantee Seal

We are so confident our products are the RIGHT choice for you we provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

We only ask you make an honest effort to use our products as directed. If you do not see a noticeable improvement, contact one of our Customer Service Professionals within 7 days of receipt of your product. This allows us to give you additional assistance or to make a change in the treatment regimen. If our product does not perform when used as a complete solution, we will gladly provide you a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

For more information on returns, please read our Company Policy.

We Guarantee We CAN Help You!
A Highly Trained Customer Service
Professional is ready to work with you!

Our Customer Service Professionals undergo a lengthy Training Program and receive constant online and in-house training. They are available 5 days a week to review all factors that pertain to your specific situation. This enables them to customize a regimen that will assure the highest degree of success.

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Our Liceadex™ Body Lice Treatment System works to eliminate the existence of Body Lice on your skin in only one simple application. Our Liceadex™ products, Healing & Protection Spray, and the Medicated Body Wash all work together to remove Body Lice and their nits on your skin and in your hair. Traditional over-the-counter treatments for Body Lice require multiple treatments, are much more costly for the full treatment regimen, and they often don't work to solve your problem completely.

You want a fairly-priced treatment that will work quickly and effectively to solve your Body Lice crisis, right? Then look no further than the Liceadex™ Lice Treatment System! We'll give you that, plus we guarantee the products work when used according to our regimen, or your money back, and you can order confidentially from your own home!

In addition to all of the above, when your order our products, we offer you limitless customer service and support from our highly qualified Healthcare Advisors, an educational eGuide on Body Lice, and Free informational reports on Body Lice (see below for sign up information).



Lice Reports!

ACT NOW to receive a FREE bonus report on Head Lice. With each purchase of any Liceadex™ product, you will receive a FREE report filled with information on how to deal with Head Lice and get back to living your life.

This guide is packed with useful information that will aid you in eliminating Head Lice from your home. We have compiled all the information we could find on Lice to provide at no cost to you. We want to make sure you and your family live without the worry and headache of Lice and have everything you need to remove these bugs from your scalp, your home and your life.

Sign up to receive your free Lice eReports!

You'll learn:

  • Why it's important to treat yourself AND your environment
  • How to treat your environment
  • Facts & Myths about lice home remedies
  • How easily lice can be spread
  • The differences between head, body & pubic lice
  • How long lice can live
  • How to prevent lice re-infestations
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We Guarantee:

Our products will completely eliminate Body Lice from your body, hair and environment. With such a high quality treatment regimen and a guarantee, you owe it to yourself to try Liceadex™ Body Lice Treatment System today!

We understand the frustration of spending time and money on products that don't work to solve your problem, especially when you are dealing with something as contagious, uncomfortable, and embarrassing as Body Lice. You want a definitive solution that works FAST to resolve your discomfort and you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to get the relief you deserve. That's why Liceadex™ offers quality products at reasonable prices, backed with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! You have everything to gain by trying our Liceadex™ system...and nothing to lose but those awful Body Lice!

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You don't have to suffer from the itching, embarrassment and stress of Body Lice any longer. We can help you TODAY! If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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The Answer is Liceadex™!

When you order from Liceadex™, you can feel confident that you've made the right choice for yourself because not only do you get an AWESOME treatment but it is GUARANTEED safe and effective.

Order TODAY to get the best deals on the products that will solve your Body Lice problem once and for all -- guaranteed to work when used according to our regimen, or your money back, no questions asked! We offer emergency shipping and confidential packaging on all of our products so you don't have to worry about a thing but getting healthy again!

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