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Skin Parasites & Unexplained Dermopathy Destroying your Life?

Eliminate Crawling, Itching & Biting
from Skin Parasites

Regain Control of Your Life & Resume Personal Intimacy with your Friends & Family!

Morgellons Research Project: We want to hear from you! Morgellons Syndrome is an ever-evolving medical mystery. Most doctors don't even recognize it as a physical ailment. To aid the Morgellons Community in this battle we have launched a new Product Research Program. Any purchase including the following pack will be sent a special research feedback survey to help our team determine future improvements in ourproduct formulations, By maintaining constant feedback from our customers, we are able to deliver the best products available. The launch of our Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Pack and Citrus Exfoliator is just the beginning. Let your voice be heard and help us get closer to a cure.Purchase the Skin Parasite Rejuvenating Kit to begin giving us your valuable feedback.

Are you suffering from problematic pains from the unending itching and skin shivering? Is uninvited biting and trauma too intense to get by with anymore? I bet you're exhausted and you're unable to get sleep because you have ideas of creatures or skin bugs living on your scalp, deep down in your ears and maybe even in your nose or eyes.

What about the unusual skin fibers, granules and black specks or sores and lesions growing out of nowhere that many of you are suffering from; are you having to deal with that too? I bet you've kept your distant from family members while trying to decide if this unexplained dermopathy and troublesome condition is contagious. You're not alone, and you're not delusional. The trauma and itching you're experiencing is real.

Dear Skin Parasite Sufferer,

We've encountered a great number of parasite sufferers, just like yourself, and we've seen how distressing this can be. Even in the modern age, skin parasites are generally under-researched, under-documented and rarely properly treated. The medical world is slow to react and not really certain how to deal with or even recognize this affliction. As a result, doctors may resort to giving a diagnosis of delusional parasitosis. There are a number of difficult questions and a great number of skin parasite patients feel confused or alone. One thing is for sure; human skin parasites are far more common than you might think.

Have you noticed painful, stinging feelings that seem to strike at random, leaving you troubled and worried? You know you're not mad, but the biting and irritation just can't be stopped, no matter what you do. I bet you've been seen by any number of doctors, tried various medications and treatments, and nothing was successful. You're at the end of your rope, not knowing the next step. We've been told time and time again how these indications are life-affecting and there's nothing that could have prepared you to deal with this dreadful experience.

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We're here for you!
We can help you NOW...

Have you thought about what you need
in order to feel better?

Rest assured, you've come to the right place, so just keep reading and we'll give you step-by-step instructions on how we can quickly help you. We've been helping people just like you for a long time now and we have the staff, the products and the expertise to help you too.

Visit our Scabies site if you are experiencing these symptoms Click here for scabies treatment.

We're the DermaTechRx™ Research Team, on behalf of our All Stop™ Skin Parasite treatment products, and for the past 5 years we have helped hundreds of thousands of victims around the world get the relief they deserve from skin parasites and other unexplained dermopathy! We specialize in under skin parasites and skin bug conditions, and we're considered the leaders in the industry who offer a proven, non toxic, safe solution for Skin Parasites, Scabies, Head Lice, Body Lice, Pubic Lice and Bed Bugs. We've been doing this for quite some time and we're devoted to making a difference.

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"My doctor didn't know what to do anymore for me!"

"I had been miserable for months from the itching & feeling stinging from parasites. I could never make it stop! My skin was flaky and full of sores and it was dry from overuse of harsh products. I tried many home remedies, poison prescriptions & even used harsh animal products. Nothing worked! My Doctor didn't even know what to do anymore.

The All Stop regimen & the products gave me the opportunity to have a normal life again. It really helps relieve the itch, the creepy crawly feelings on my scalp and the pain from the sores is gone. My sores hurt really bad and they had hard nodules under the skin

My doctor was surprised to see the improvement in my skin. It's great to know there is something out there that can help..."

-Susan F., Ohio



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"Thank God I was able to get rid of hairs, fibers, coils, itching, pimple like open sores"

I continue to be impressed and grateful for your internet communication regarding infectious diseases....real...imagined...unresearched and concerning.

I found your website while trying to find an answer to a very mysterious
skin ailment I had last fall. I ordered products from your company through your educated sales staff and it changed my life... thank God I was able to get rid of hairs, fibers, coils, itching, pimple like open sores. I was a
mess... I couldn't think straight. No one, except the aid of your people on
the phone could give me any peace of mind
. I'm normally a sane,
educated professional and I was able to return to a physical comfort
by eventually ridding myself of what ever was growing in me.

So as a result... I wash my hands..all the time...when ever I enter a room.
I am very protective of my being in a new environment.

I applaud your company and how they may educate people to take the
time to take precaution. Your products are great and I also feel you are
a heartful businessman... and that isn't an easy balance to walk.

-Connie D., Felton, California


More Success Stories

These customers are not alone. We hear daily accounts from people just like you on how our products have been “Life Savers” and a true “God Send!” Our customers have been able to get on with their life, without skin parasites, and so will you! Our amazing proven formulas go above and beyond any other products currently available on the market and we can prove that to you.


Remarkably, not all people with this disease have skin lesions and many report no problems with the physical aspects of their skin at all. We've identified these lesions as either spontaneously appearing or self-generated lesions.

  • Spontaneously appearing - looks like Hives or resembles a pimple with or without a white center.
  • Self generated - appear as picking excoriations, these often progress to open wounds that don't effectively treat completely which are very painful. These wounds include nodules under the skin and are very sensitive.

Pictures of Skin Lesions & Nodules in Skin
from All Stop™ Customers

skin lesion example 1
skin lesions example 2
skin lesion example 3

Most all of our customers report having troubling skin sensations and finding unexplained dermopathy, such as Morgellons hair parasites, and granules or black specks on and in their skin. The fibers are usually white, blue, black or red and are microscopic in size; they can easily be seen using 10-30X visualization. The white and black granules are usually similar in size and shape to a grain of sand. These granules are usually found on or in the skin or on clothing.

Samples of Skin Fibers
from an All Stop™ Customer.

Fibers example 1
Fibers Example 2
Fibers Example 3

The fibers are described as filamentous or fiber-like while twisted in balls or bundles of fibers while growing in the skin. They are clearly hyphae-like structures and are often white in color, but very often seen in black, blue or rarely in red.

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Other Symptoms you can't see...
Have you been wondering why you can't function
the same as you used to--what changed?

In more severe cases many people report additional symptoms such as mental confusion, fatigue, joint pain, short term memory loss and a change in their vision.

These symptoms can manifest in different ways such as pain in joints, muscles, pressure headaches and quality of life diminishes. Daily living activities are usually limited while logical thinking and short term memory and attention deficit become a problem.

Many people report having a serious annoying problem with itching and movement deep down in their ears from these parasites. What about on your scalp; I'm sure you're looking for a Morgellons cure for that too. Are you experiencing movement there too and is it so distracting that you can't even focus on normal everyday living?

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"I cannot imagine how I managed without these products in my life..."

I was completely shocked by how much stuff came out of my skin when I used the Medicated Skin Cream and the Mitactin!

First I used the Mitactin and parasites were just literally popping out my skin; I could actually hear the ones near my neck and head pop out my skin. The Medicated Skin Cream also got rid of the parasites, but I noticed that it quickly healed my sores that had been on me for months. I cannot imagine how I managed without these products in my life. More people need to know about these products.

I continue to have parasite in eyes; however my Doctor is trying to get that under control for me. He too is trying to find a Morgellons cure for me.

Thanks All Stop™ for your continued research and development of products that truly help us with parasite infestations and for believing in your customers.

-Priscilla F, New York



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"I Thank God that I discovered these products..."

“…Nothing I tried would relieve the itching. It just wouldn't stop. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't do anything I used to do without worrying about my skin. It was as though I had become obsessed with my skin.

The All Stop™ Mitactin Spray and the Medicated Sulfur and Shea Butter Soap were the only things that gave me any kind of relief. I had not realized by keeping my environment clean and disinfected with your disinfectants could make such a difference until your company made a big deal out of it.

I thank God that I discovered these products! It’s about time someone has something that helps…”

-Thomas M, California


More Success Stories

There are over 11,000 registered Morgellons skin parasite sufferers, and that number is suspected to be only a fraction of those suffering with this disease. Typical of the government, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is slow to react and hesitant to believe the disease is real. We know the pain and suffering skin parasite victims are going through is real. And, unlike the CDC and many others, we place no judgment. We are here to help; that was the purpose for our DermaTechRx Research Center.

In efforts to reach out to the growing community of skin parasite victims we have launched a public skin parasite forum where victims can get advice and share experiences such as parasite in eyes, parasites in ears, parasites on scalp, etc...with others going through the same thing. We're considered the experts when it comes to skin parasites by others. Our DermaTechRx Research Team is on the cutting edge of the latest developments with new medicinal skin creams and solutions for a Morgellons treatment. Our products are constantly lab tested in order to ensure we have the most effective and highest quality solutions available on the market.

We cannot and do not claim to cure you; there is no current cure by anyone. We don’t make outrageous impossible claims that other competitors do; we work with the facts. But we can offer you real solutions that are proven in tests time and time again to be highly effective when targeting skin parasites or commonly known as Morgellons hair parasites. We are known as the leading authority on skin parasites and we are here to help you through this crisis.

Many of you have been diagnosed with delusional parasitosis by a physician; therefore we know what you're going through. It's much easier for them to say you're delusional instead of admitting they don't know how to help you or they don't know how to give you a morgellons treatment.

New Scientific studies and research suggests many people who are diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis are actually suffering from a physical illness, not a mental disorder. Finally, on January 16, 2008 the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced government efforts to investigate the cause of this illness for a possible morgellons treatment.

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Who is All Stop™?
Don't you insist on a company you can trust?

Have you heard of All Stop™? Are you necessarily not comfortable about internet purchases? Are you wondering how does a Healthcare company claim to be experts in parasites? What kind of reputation do we have? Why should you trust us? Those are very fair questions to ask.

I understand you may be leery of ordering over the internet, so let me quickly cover a few things that I would want to know if I were in your shoes.

All Stop™ started out treating skin problems with quality medicinal gels and sprays. We realized there was a serious void in treating skin problems caused by parasite infestations. In order to properly treat the sores and remove the parasite we had to identify what our customer needed.

After 5 years and over hundreds of thousands of treatments, we have refined our medicinal skin care products, our treatments and our pest eradication methods. Our refined formulations and regimens have been tested and retested.

Our expedited fulfillment can fill your order in as little as a day and we offer customer service 5 days a week to help you if needed. Our complete and comprehensive regimens and videos demonstrate step-by-step treatment methods to assure your success. We also ship internationally and serve all of the U.S.

Because of our unique connection and feedback with our customers, we've been able to perfect our formulations and regimens to meet the ever changing requirements of today’s problems.

What has fueled All Stop's™ Growth?

Timely fulfillment,

Customer service 5 days a week

Our rapid response to our Customers' needs

Highly effective products

Our HealthCare Advisors are available five days a week via e-mail, telephone and live chat. We care about you and your family and want to help you get back to your normal, healthy life. How can we care about you so much? After hearing the pain and emotional trauma someone has been through because of parasites in skin, it’s impossible not to want to help. And that’s where we are at today.

Skin Parasites Reports!

Sign up to Receive your Free Skin Parasites eReports!

If you want all the information on Skin Parasites right away, without endlessly browsing the entire internet, its here for you NOW. We've taken the burden of days of reading & research away from you. Now you have it all at your fingertips.

You'll learn.....

  1. How to determine if it’s really a skin parasite or some other condition
  2. How to get rid of the creepy crawly feelings
  3. How to remove these parasites from your home, car, work area & clothes
  4. Where can you go for medical help
  5. Other types of skin cream products people are using
  6. Up-to-Date articles from the news on Morgellons and trials as they happen in attempt to find a cure
  7. Why some family members get this disease and some don’t
  8. Latest developments on Morgellons Disease

Have Your Free Parasites in Skin Reports
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All Stop™ will not sell, exchange, or otherwise give away your email address to anyone for any reason. We do not collect an individual email address unless you choose to fill out any of our response or request forms. When you provide your email address, it is used for our internal marketing and contact purposes only. Privacy Policy

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Our Commitment to You
Have we addressed all your Skin Problems AND a Solution?

As we understand it, you're looking for relief from the intermittently moving, itching, biting, stinging and burning. We have products that have been tested and proven to work for you that will eliminate these symptoms.

  • No more stress and being irritable
  • No more worrying about being contagious
  • No more sleepless nights
  • No more worrying about how your skin looks
  • No more secrets
  • Imagine laughing and hugging your family members again
  • Imagine being able to do the simple things again like going shopping or mowing your lawn without stinging or discomfort
  • Imaging living a normal life again
  • Imagine waking up feeling rested and thinking clearly
  • Imagine wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts again

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How It Works!
Do you understand you have to treat yourself
AND your environment?

There are several important things I would like to tell you about our products. Our DermaTechRx Research Center has identified successful products to remove or reduce the amount of bacteria, fungus and parasites on you and in your environment.

This means your symptoms on your skin will reduce dramatically, ultimately making it easier to treat your parasite symptoms. How would you like to have a good night sleep again by being itch free or movement free as early as tomorrow?

It is however, important to remember there is currently no cure for this condition and that our products are an aid to help reduce the symptoms and give you relief.

Our primary products, Mitactin™ Spray, Mitactin™ Salve, the Medicated Skin Cream, Medicated Body Wash and the Mud Packs all penetrate deep to get to the source of your scalp and skin problems fast. These are our number-one products and they are specifically formulated to stop the movement, the itching and they remove the thick film on your scalp many of you report you experience with human skin parasites. Imagine no activity on your scalp! Yes, we flat-out can offer that remedy to you now; our research team worked hard on this step-by-step solution and it really works!

Using essential oils, natural anti-parasitic and antimicrobial agents with our one-of-a-kind regimen will bring you and your skin immediate relief from the itching, flaking, stinging, burning, get rid of the under skin parasites and will also effectively treat the sores you may develop; even effectively treat the nodules under the skin. Read more about how our products can work for you below.

Using our Mitactin™ Spray and Salve daily relieves the stress and controls these symptoms which allows you to focus on more important things. Skin bugs don't have a chance with our Mitactin™.

Unlike other products, our Mitactin™ products contain no toxic substances like Pyrethrums or other neurotoxins. Mitactin™ Spray and Salve simultaneously eradicate the parasite infestation through a process of asphyxiation, while easing the itching and irritation on the skin.

Our Mitactin™ Spray is gentle enough to be used all over the body without rinsing and can also be used in the scalp. The Mitactin™ Spray is gentle enough to be used even while you sleep.

Our Mitactin™ Salve is a more concentrated formula to be used on more "active" affected areas.

Our Mitactin™ Salve has the extra power that attacks these pesky parasites full strength. This can also be used on the scalp for severe cases.

All Stop Deep Cleaning Salve





All Stop Mitactin Skin Spray

All Stop Medicated Rejuvenating Body Wash and Skin Conditioner

All Stop™ Medicated Body Wash is the cornerstone of our product line when inflammation, fungus and bacteria are present.

This product was originally formulated to protect lab technicians from the possibility of contracting infections or causing cross contamination in their work environments.

You will begin feeling the relief almost immediately while repairing wounds and removing the bacteria and fungus from your skin. Begin feeling the relief after your first shower when eliminating under skin parasites.

All Stop™ Medicated Skin Cream is a proprietary blend of White Sulfur and essential oils for the treatment of Skin Parasites, Scabies, Ringworm, wounds and Morgellons symptoms.

The topical skin product has a pleasant odor, in a white, creamy form and absorbs into the skin quickly. While penetrating deeply, it cleanses away unwanted bacteria or fungus. Proven to be highly effective for skin parasite sufferers; a definite must.

All Stop Medicated Skin Cream 2 oz

All Stop Healing and Protection Spray

All Stop™ Healing & Protection Spray is a great way to get relief from the itch while helping to effectively treat your skin. The deep penetrating formula helps to cleanse away any unwanted bacteria or fungus or irritants that may cause itching, rashes or infection.

It's the perfect solution for providing a sterile environment for lesions, wounds or any damaged, bruised tissue from human skin parasites.

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Many of our customers come to us with highly damaged skin from other harsh products and poisonous home remedies. Most often people receive advice and remedies from well-meaning self help groups and individuals without adequate training.

It's important to remember everyone’s skin is different and for that reason a perfectly good remedy or treatment given in the wrong quantity can have disastrous results for some. Often, in these cases, adding moisture to the skin is critical. All Stop offers products to add moisture to the skin in just the first application.

It's no secret that you can control the activity on your body by controlling the bacteria and fungus in your environment (your home, car, area you work). You've asked, we've listened; here are the results. These environmental parasite treatments are trusted by hospitals, nursing homes and doctors; why wouldn't you trust them?

Safer Ant and Crawling Insect Killer DE

DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is a safe, non-toxic substance which contains the crushed fossils of freshwater organism and marine life. This finely crushed powder has been used for decades as a natural insecticide.

As the parasites crawl through the DE, it absorbs essential lipids from the parasites’ waxy outer layer, causing the insect to dehydrate and die.

While DE is deadly to parasites and other insects, it is completely safe and harmless for people and animals. Available in 7 oz bottle, 4 lb bags and other combo sizes.

PuraCleenRx™ Disinfectant Spray is a highly effective ready-to-use disinfectant which can be used to clean and disinfect your environment and personal belongings. The primary ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride, has been safely and effectively used in hospitals for decades.

It is strong enough to get rid of the toughest bacteria, viruses and fungus in your environment.

Available in 32 oz and gallon size.

PuracleenRx Disinfectant Spray

PuracleenRx Xtreme Cleen 1 gallon

PuraCleenRx™ Extreme Cleen safely removes health-threatening mold, mildew, bacteria parasites, fungi and bacteria from your environment on hard surfaces, rugs, carpets, floors, furniture and clothing, etc.

This concentrated formula will keep your family healthy and free of germs and disease. Each bottle disinfects up to 6,000 square feet of carpet and floors! Use 2 oz to a gallon of water.

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The Proof!

Success Stories
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I had been putting poison all over my body for years...
With All Stop™, I Felt Immediate Relief

"For 3 years I thought I had scabies. I had been putting poison all over my body for years trying to get rid of the 'bugs'. Nothing seemed to work and my doctors thought I was crazy. They told me that I had Delusional Parasitosis, and since no one else around me ever seemed to get bitten, I sometimes wondered if I was going crazy. The longer I had this, the worse it seemed to get. I even felt things jumping on me when I would go for a walk. I spent hours searching the internet and trying many different things. One of the sites I came across was All Stop™. After reading the information that they had, I figured I would try their products. The very first day that I started using their body wash and their Mitactin™, I felt immediate relief. I learned from All Stop™ what I needed to do to take care of me and how to get rid of the parasites in my home. I was not crazy, I really did have parasites. Thanks to the great products and the people at All Stop™, I am leading a normal live again. Thank you for everything, All Stop™. "

- Mike, Florida

After Finding All Stop™,
My Skin Felt Clean for the First Time
"Ever since my basement flooded 8 months ago, I have had some type of bug biting me. The doctors and dermatologists that I went to all said that they could not find anything and that because I had things biting my head and in my nose, that it was not scabies. They still gave me some of the scabies poison treatment just to shut me up. My husband thought I was losing my mind, and I was afraid to be around my children. Everywhere I looked I saw small black specks of bugs and weird fibers. Sometimes, I even saw white wormy things coming out of my skin. My family was ready to commit me when I found All Stop™. The people at All Stop™ explained that I might have a parasite infestation. They were very patient and explained to me what it was, and how their products could help me. I took a chance and ordered their products. I was absolutely amazed at how good I felt. My skin felt clean for the first time in months. I did not feel like things were eating me alive. I do not know how my life would be if I had not found All Stop™. Thank you All Stop for listening, caring and helping me feel better."

-Teresa, New Jersey

All Stop™ Gave Me Relief The Very First Time...
They Were the Answer To All My Prayers

"Every night I would lie awake in bed. All I could feel were bugs biting me. I had open lesions with nodules under the skin that my doctors could not and would not explain. I saw little bugs everywhere. I could feel them jumping on me when I would get out of the shower, I could feel them biting me when I would sit at my computer, and when I would sit on my sofa I would feel things biting me that I just could not see. The doctors thought I was making the lesions myself. They told me everything was in my head, I knew that it wasn't. I searched the web and found All Stop™. They had the answers to my questions, and they were the answer to my prayers. I ordered their products and had them sent overnight. I felt a difference the very first time that I used their products. When I used their parasite scrubs, I could not believe all of the stuff that came out of my skin. They helped me rid my house and car of the Collembola and helped me take care of my body. Thank you for everything, All Stop."
-Tina, California

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Share your experience and make a difference

The Price
How much is your Peace of Mind worth?

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "You get what you paid for". Here at All Stop™, the price was not an issue when we were conducting tests, trials and studies and when we were determining what ingredients worked best for our parasite sufferers. We heard your pain and we could not settle for anything less than the best.

Our goal was and still is to offer the best on the market without sacrificing quality and efficacy in any way. We began testing with the best and costly ingredients and we have never changed our way of thinking. We're still using those same ingredients.

Ask yourself...

  • How do you put a Price on "Getting your Life Back"?
  • How do you put a Price on "Waking up refreshed and rested"?
  • How do you put a Price on "Smiling and being happy again"?
  • How do you put a Price on "Being able to hug your family"?
  • How do you put a Price on "Wearing shorts again"?
  • How do you put a Price on "Performing normal daily activities"?

Are you ready to get the Relief you Deserve?

To begin getting relief as early as tomorrow from the itching, biting, stinging and burning you should consider the using the products we've listed below:

  • Mitactin™ Spray and Mitactin™ Salve is used on your scalp, in your ears or on your body in general to eliminate bugs on skin.
  • Medicated Skin Cream is used on your scalp or any place on your body to effectively treat your skin and eliminate the parasites in skin.
  • Healing & Protection Spray is used any place on your body to effectively treat your skin, reduce itching, to remove the excess bacteria and fungus believed to feed the activity on your body.
  • Medicated Body Wash is used on your scalp and on your body to effectively treat your skin, reduce the itching and to remove the excess bacteria and fungus believed to feed the activity on your body.
  • PuraCleenRx™ Disinfectant Spray is used in your environment to disinfect and reduce the excess bacteria and fungus in your environment,
  • DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is used in your environment for an aggressive approach with your parasite infestation.

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ACT NOW to receive a FREE Electronic Skin Parasite E-Guide (a $24.95 value). Instantly with each purchase of any Skin Parasite Pack of $100.00 or more, you will receive a FREE electronic E-Guide filled with information about this debilitating condition. This guide is packed with useful information that will make you more knowledgeable about parasites in skin.

We have compiled approximately 100 hours worth of time and research into one document; everything you could possibly find on Morgellons and Skin Parasites. It's offered to you FREE of cost. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to fight these parasites head on!

We could charge extra for these reports, but that’s not what we’re here for. Your well being is our primary concern.

You don't have to suffer from the horror, itching and embarrassment of Skin Parasites any longer. We can help you TODAY! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

If you can get Effective Products that stops the itching, biting and stinging as early as tomorrow,

Can you think of any reason why you shouldn't go ahead and place your order now?

We understand that in this day and age, saving money when you can is important; that's why we created discounted product packs.

We highly recommend you order one of our Price Saving Packs which provides you with an instant savings of up to 45% off on your products. The packs offer you the complete solution for your different types of human skin parasites and your environment.

We also offer you several payment options: Credit Card, Pay Pal, Google Checkout, even Check by Mail. Remember, we also offer expedited services and if you place your credit cart order today, before noon, using our secured servers, we can actually get it to your doorstep as early as tomorrow morning.

FREE Support For your Specific Situation
Available 7 Days A Week

Contact our Live Support or
Call 1.337.937.8800

Monday - Friday
9am to 5pm CST

Remember, our Healthcare Advisors are available Monday through Friday to review all factors pertaining to your particular type of human skin parasites. This enables them to customize a regimen to assure the highest degree of success in fighting and ridding you of your infestation.

Is there any reason why you can't put your well-being first for a change?




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